The Christmas Comeback!

Christmas is a time of celebration, gift giving, and spending quality time with loved ones you wouldn’t usually see throughout the year.✨

Due to the instability of the COVID pandemic, seeing loved ones and celebrating Christmas together in 2020 became a challenge and was more isolating than ever.😢
As family gatherings were held over Zoom and evenings spent watching Netflix Original Christmas movies in cosy-wear, the season became less jolly and more solitary. 🎅🤶

Christmas, in short, was cancelled.

This year, the festive period is looking up, and whilst it’s likely that COVID won’t be completely eradicated by the end of 2021, there is still hope that many people will be able to reclaim their Christmases. This includes giving gifts to their loved ones, and most importantly of all, changing out of their loungewear and into seasonal outfits fit for the occasion.🎄💃

This year, Christmas is making a comeback.🎄✨

The Christmas Comeback means that people are able to reunite in person – albeit in smaller groups than usual. As a result, celebrations are expected to boom in a bigger fashion than before. Gifts will be given, parties will be planned, and people will make up for time lost by jumping into statement skirts and sequined party-pieces, crying out the message that it’s time to get off the couch and get back to the party.🥳🎉

Masks are no longer the only accessory people will be leaving the house with, as we look forward to finally pairing our suits and silks with handbags and jewellery that are spruced up enough to compensate for the past 16 months of isolation.💎

It’s not just us saying it… According to Google trends, the search term ‘party dresses’ rose by a whopping 60% in the space of just one week back in September – a stat that proves the party season is a top priority on everyone’s list.👗🎄✨

The boost in party-related online searches, and party-wear and gifts being a sought-after topic online in recent weeks, has emphasised the most important factor of all; that people are excited to get back into the Christmas spirit.✨

This anticipation for the upcoming festivities is captivating, and nothing’s more exciting than planning for the one thing we’ve missed the most: party-season outfits. A return to gatherings, catching up with old friends, and dressing for the occasional work drink, have made it more important than ever to find party-pieces that visually highlight how we feel to be out the house again and celebrating Christmas in person.🥳
Whilst parties may be held on a smaller scale this year, that doesn’t mean it’s not important to look our best and find the right party-wear to reflect our mood. The Christmas spirit✨  has made a comeback, and so have we; whether it’s dressing up for the work party, or dressing down for the family dinner, we’re coming back in style, and choosing to look fabulous as well as comfortable for all upcoming events.🎇

To stay ahead of the Christmas Comeback🎄, we’ve acknowledged at Defacto the importance of ensuring there’s party-wear for every occasion. We’ve made sure that everyone can celebrate the Christmas Comeback by dressing in any festive outfit they desire – from sequins, to velvet, to faux leather dresses. Any clothing choice is guaranteed to make you feel festive and confident, and above all allow you to enjoy finally being able to dress to impress – even if the person you’re impressing is yourself.😁😏

On top of the return of party-wear, the Christmas Comeback means gift giving is back and more important than ever, and to celebrate our finally being able to spend time with loved ones, we want to give gifts that are more meaningful and attentive than ever before. These need to be pieces that reflect the excitement we feel universally, as we are able to hug our loved ones💕 , share a laugh face-to-face, and express how much they mean to us through the sentiment of gift-giving.🎁✨

We want everyone to make the most of this feeling with Defacto, as we celebrate with those closest to us, and enjoy everything we’ve missed this past year. Together we can dress up, look incredible, share gifts, and spread the excitement of the festive season in person. The Christmas Comeback is here; and as the anticipation of the season being the most festive ever continues to grow, we invite you to celebrate with Defacto and make the most of it by choosing statement outfits, extravagant party pieces, and hero gifts.🎄🎅🎁