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      High Heel Velvet Boots - Ecru
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      These women’s boots are made for walking

      In our opinion, women’s boots are one of the most versatile items of footwear. They aren’t limited by season, occasion, or body shape. They range from practical walking or hiking boots to catwalk thigh-high. They also go with...well, everything. Pair your ladies’ boots with jeans (tucked or untucked), festival short shorts, (hello cowboy boots), leggings, midi-dresses and mini-skirts, cropped trousers, or a business suit. See—everything!

      Say hi to knee-high boots

      Loads of people are calling knee-high boots the footwear choice of the year, with designers focusing this year on mid-calf and knee-high instead of ankle boots. The knee-high boots trend is being played out in maximalist design: lots of leather and faux-leather, faux-animal scales, duck boots, and stylized wellingtons. Add a stiletto high heel, laces, or a chunky 90s sole for a distinctive women’s boot.

      Women’s suede boots

      Another women’s boot trend is suede boots—the tactile alternative to leather. Suede boots are the autumn footwear choice with their rustic brown tones and cosy feel. They add soft and supple texture to any outfit and are perfect for work or evening wear. Suede is also a textile of choice for all of the current footwear trends. Despite being a little more high maintenance than leather—although higher-quality suede with a dense fibre structure will keep its shape and strength—suede boots are the perfect choice for autumnal walks and cosy fireside lunches.