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Everything About Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and is one of the most important shopping days of the year in the United States. It is usually a day full of special shopping deals and big discounts, and Black Friday is considered the start of the shopping season. Black Friday dates to 1869 but has nothing to do with Christmas shopping. But for millions of people, Black Friday is a time for some serious Christmas shopping. The especially, most attractive thing about this day is black Friday sales.

The Most Popular Day of the Year Is Coming!

Black Friday has become a better day to shop than even last-minute Christmas sales, as retailers begin to realise that they can attract large crowds by discounting prices. Some retailers put their products on sale on Thanksgiving morning or send special emails to consumers online days or weeks before the actual event. The top buys are electronics and popular toys, as these may be the most severely discounted ones. However, big sales bring down prices for everything from home furnishings to apparel. Black Friday is a long day. However, online shopping has also increased, as homes remain on the post-pandemic Thanksgiving Day. Also, for those who don't want to queue in stores, online Black Friday sales often start a little earlier than in-store sales.


The reason why this day, which is not an official holiday, is called 'Black' begins in the 1960s. The shops are opened very early that day before it gets light and don't close before it gets dark, as well as the negativities affecting daily life caused by the heavy vehicle and human traffic on the shopping streets, causing this day to be called 'Black Friday'.

Black Friday Shopping Advice

According to Growth rocks, to control your shopping spree and shop smart on Black Friday, consider:

Do your research: Do your research ahead of time and do not leave choices to the last minute. Do your research to get the best price for what you will buy. Browse different sites or different stores. 

Set a budget: Keep in mind a specific figure you are prepared to spend. It can be difficult to control yourself, especially if you do not set a spending limit for online shopping where one click can mean a purchase. You can find the best deals on DeFacto website.

Sign up for email newsletters: Make sure your email is on the lists of brands and stores you're interested in. Most sellers will send you a Black Friday special email with advance notice of deals. Remember, email marketing isn't dead.

Top Selling Products on Black Friday

On Black Friday, where millions of products are offered for sale every year, the best-selling products differ every year. For brands operating in areas such as commerce and e-commerce, it is very advantageous to have information about Black Friday deals.

In this period when millions of products are sold, companies' stocking the best-selling products and offering them for sale at campaign prices will allow the company to increase its sales and increase its turnover in one day. In this part of our
article, we will provide information about the best selling products on Black Friday.

Clothing - Shoes - Bags

 One of the first product groups that come to mind when talking about Black Friday is clothing, shoes, and bags. Since many people in the world prefer to buy discounted products by taking advantage of the Black Friday campaigns of important brands, the interest in the products in the category of clothing, shoes, and bags, which are among the best-selling products today, is quite high as usual. Also, boots black Friday sales are popular, too. When it comes to boots, you will want to catch the discounts regardless of summer or winter. On the DeFacto website, you can find the best quality shoes and bags at the most affordable price.

Jackets & Coats

In winter, jackets and coats are the most complementary parts of your trousers, skirts, or dresses. It is up to you not to miss the beautiful and colourful jackets or coats that are on sale on Black Friday as well. While Black Friday coat deals are very advantageous, you can do yourself a big favour by not missing the opportunities on this special day of the year.


You also don't want to miss the blazer jackets. Blazer jackets are very trendy pieces nowadays. It has become a product that we can put on shorts, skirts, and even tracksuits and look cool. Black Friday blazer jacket discounts will make you very happy. On the DeFacto website you can find the best quality jackets at the most affordable price.

Women Products on Black Friday

It's mostly women who chase clothing sales on Black Friday. It is obvious that they are quite capable of catching discounts. So, what women's products can you catch on Black Friday?


It is incredible that all DeFacto's products will have discounts, isn't it? Women's long-sleeved T-shirts, short-sleeved T-shirts, sweaters, pants, chinos, lounge sets, dresses, skirts, hoodies, sweatpants, coats and more will be on sale. In order not to miss the best quality service and fast delivery at the best prices on Black Friday, do not forget to look at all DeFacto's products. Jackets, trainers, classic shoes, flats, shawls, and bags in various models will also be on sale with DeFacto quality and excellent service.

Men Product on Black Friday

Of course, we cannot skip the men either. They will also find good and affordable deals on Black Friday. What is on sale for men?


Thousands of products will be on sale, such as long-sleeved T-shirts, short-sleeved T-shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans, coats, jackets, shirts, ties, shoes, backpacks, and computer bags. Considering that there will be discounts on all products of DeFacto, Black Friday will also be very productive for men.

Kids Product on Black Friday

From our babies to our children up to the age of 14-15, there are multiple products in this sale. New-born baby rompers, beanie sets, sleepsuits, as well as t-shirts, sweaters, trousers, dresses, skirts, and shoes in a thousand different colours and models for our little children and young children will be with you with DeFacto's legendary discounts. We want to get the best of everything for our children. Now is the time! We will enjoy Black Friday with its DeFacto quality, excellent
service, fast delivery, reliable shopping opportunity, and beautiful collections.

DeFacto Meets Black Friday 2022

DeFacto is also on Black Friday with all kinds of products. Crop tops, trousers, joggers, sweatshirts, cardigans and more... With DeFacto, the address of quality, you can buy many products with the most affordable discounts.


Quality is linked to the fabric. While a quality fabric is evident even from afar, several methods must be applied to understand a poor-quality fabric. Quality fabrics can take the right shape by themselves. For example, Let's talk about DeFacto T-shirts. T-shirts are the most preferred clothing items in summer. For this reason, it should be produced from fabric types that can trap sweat and help maintain body temperature. Known for this feature, the first fabric that comes to mind when talking about T-shirts is cotton. However, cotton fabric can be damaged when washed in the washing machine for many years. For this reason, t-shirts made of fabric types containing dense cotton and a small amount of polyester will be both healthy and durable products. DeFacto offers you exactly this quality.


T-shirts that everyone uses frequently are produced by numerous brands. Therefore, it can be difficult to choose quality products from so many options. DeFacto t-shirts are t-shirts produced in different styles but of the same quality. You can easily find the best quality t shirts on the website.

Both Affordable and Stylish

You can look very stylish and feel very comfortable with the products you buy at affordable prices. How is it? With DeFacto this is very easy. Especially if Black Friday is added on top of it, it will be inedible.


If you buy DeFacto's products, each more colourful and more stylish than the other, on Black Friday, you will experience happiness at its peak. Because buying such a quality product at such an affordable price will surprise you and make you extremely happy.

Discounts Also Continue on the Weekend

Knowing that there are time and stock limitations pushes us to make more immediate decisions while shopping. As our adrenaline levels increase, the pleasure we feel increases as we shop. Considering the positive at least short-term-effect on human psychology of catching discounts and taking advantage of campaigns, we can say that Black Friday has turned into a huge race. We find ourselves competing with other consumers and trying to find the best deals. In this competition, we sometimes spend more than necessary.


The fact that Black Friday lasts only one day can be very tiring and difficult for both consumers and stores and online shopping platforms. There are also problems such as congestion in stores and congestion of online shopping platforms. That is why in recent years, many online shopping platforms have been spreading their Black Friday deals over two or three days, sometimes even a week. Some stores abroad announced that they will not participate in Black Friday and will spread the discounts throughout November.

Fast and Safe Shopping with DeFacto

Black Friday also has DeFacto! The deliveries of your purchases from DeFacto are both fast and safe. You can catch discounts on all product types by browsing the colourful collections. Yes, you didn't read it wrong. All products have discounts!


Also, DeFacto is specially prepared for these discounts. Months before Black Friday, DeFacto prepares for this excellent discount and works especially to offer its customers the best prices with the best service quality. Therefore, on Black Friday, you will enjoy both fast delivery and quality when shopping from DeFacto.

When is Black Friday 2022 in the UK?

With Black Friday approaching, it's also important to know the exact date before deciding what to buy. We seem to hear you wondering when Black Friday in the UK is. 2 November 2022! Yes, it's very close. Look forward to seeing what you can buy now and enjoying the special discounts. Do not miss the opportunity of fast and secure shopping from DeFacto.