We believe in a green future, which is why we place sustainability at the heart of our culture. As DeFacto, we spread awareness for a more sustainable future by adding a joyful touch to our brand’s products, looking for opportunities to protect you and our future. We use our creativity to make positive changes and touch lives by shifting more towards an ethical future. DFamily is committed to making a difference and would like you to join us on this green ride. Life is a journey and we are aiming for one that has a lifetime impact on our planet.



For a greener future, we are dedicated to contributing to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability has become a habit of DeFacto where we implement every operation of ours with this mindset. For a better tomorrow and a better world, we are living our days sustainably.

Life is Beautiful Collection

When creativity and passion with “do good” mindset come together, joyful actions can emerge from things that go wrong at first. To prove that we created a nature-friendly collection. We turn plastics waste into jumpers and sweaters. We produce our jeans with water-saving methods. Together, we will raise environmental consciousness!

Dreams Made of Fabric

We know from the bottom of our hearts that joy gets elevated when people work together for the happiness of other people and the well-being of the world. Starting from this point, we initiated this project, aiming to support sustainable production with inspiring efforts of the vocational high schools. We collect unproductive fabrics and accessories from our factories and students turn them into wonderful products. We want to spread the joy even further so we donate the earnings from the sales of these products with the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV) projects.